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I really like your assets, but I would like to ask if you could add an animation of the monsters back's and fronts, like if they were going up.

This is an incredible free pack! I used these monsters extensively in a short game built in Godot and they were seamless to implement. The animations are fantastic too, really I can't say enough good things. Thank you!

Thank you for this great asset, I used several creatures from this asset in my first try with Unity, a 2D platform prototype, check it out on youtube:

Thanks to your great assets, my first game was able to be completed. I've credited your name in the credits. The amount of support may be small, but it's my heartfelt gratitude. Please also come take a look at my game.

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dude your game looks badass, check out another game coming out called radio the universe!

thanks, nice work

hey there, I used your assets as the monsters for my game, great work

thanks ^^

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Used these in my first ever game, great assets!

Accreditation here:

Thanks for the awesome pack!! Used your skeleton in a game for the Lv.99 2023 Game Jam, check it out when you have the chance!


I used it in a 2D action.

Thank you for your wonderful work!

Hello, great assets, here's where I used them:

thanks my guy


Amazing work ! I am going to use this shroom mob in my game.

Hey, thanks for the art assets! I used the goblin and skeleton in a small game I just released ( The monster assets are really good, thanks again!

I used the eyeball monster in my new game, Pizza Redemption. Thanks yo!


i'm new to this is this free?

I used these guys but with pumpkin heads in a game jam, mentioned you in credits

Olá. Obrigado por disponibilizar esses personagens! É a primeira vez que uso o Itch. Você pode me dizer como criar o .gif a partir da imagem .png longa, com todas as poses?  E existe um jeito de deixá-lo maior sem perder tanto a qualidade? Muito obrigado. 

I participated in a GameJam with your asset and mentioned you in the game credits:

Do I use your sprites on my commercial Android game..?

Hi. Very nice job. I've used it in a game.
If you want to check it out here is the link

Thank you for that o/

Hi, I love your sprites! I'm making a platformer game with them right now. have you considered adding a jump (and maybe fall) animation? That would be awesome!

Great work! I'll be using these to save myself tons of time trying to create and animate every single creature in my game XD

Thanks to the author for this free asset, this asset helped me a lot for my first game.

Needs a password

Dude I love these, a few of your characters were a very close fit for what I wanted for my game, so I'm using them in the mockup artwork! And also in the prototype to save me time.  

Was a bit confused for a while until I poked around - maybe add a note that you need to download all 3 files and combine their contents together.  I figured I just needed the latest one - 1.3. Turns out it only has the attack anim. I thought that's all there was for the longest time until I came back here today to double check!

I will need to credit you in my tweets when I start posting GIFS of the prototype.  These are so useful.

Thank you for making this free. I don't know how I can thank you enough but I will fosho credit you for the game I am making.

I used your asset for an example project for HaxeFlixel. You can check it out here. Thank you very much for this awesome asset!

Hi there. I love your monsters and used them for a few frames in a  music video . Hope you like the use of your art. I've credited you in the description. Thank you for making them available to use. 

Very nice work, thanks for the credits!

In your account all projects have cool animations!Very good

cool! can you make an ice golem or a plant wizzard 

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copied? i think you and i we have a different understanding of "copied". For me a copy is an exact same version of the original. Thats definitely NOT the case here. Maybe they are inspired by Creatures from Crawl? and btw: a lot of creatures from Crawl are inspired by Baldurs Gate which is confirmed by the creator. Are they copied too, then?

Hello, use these assets for a free game.

You can play it in this link:

or see the video in this other link:

Thank you very much for your great assets =)

Very nice work! thanks for the credits.

even if I only use the skeletons. the assets you made are very good.

I hope to use them in the next projects.

hopefully this project

It gives you more visibility as a creator of assets and serves as a diffusion.

You can see how I modify and implement your drawings in this video.

Thanks a lot.

Wow what a good game!

Did you do this in construct ?

Game Maker Studio 2 =) in 40 hours more and less =)

Thank you for the stunning art! I'm using it in my print-n-play card game:

Thanks! amazing work.

Thank you! If I add more expansions, I'll be sure to buy more of your designs. :D

Hey this is a really great asset pack. So good, in fact, that I used the skeleton for my project Caiden's Quest:

I've included you in the credits and just wanted to say thank you for making these artworks available for the community. 


Awesome! thank you so much.

Como eu uso a animação de projétil do cogumelo? qual é a animação de ataque dele no qual ele lança o projétil?

Ah valeu, eu estou produzindo um jogo para um trabalho da faculdade e os seus assets encaixaram perfeitamente com o tema.


Muito legal! fico muito feliz que meu assets tenho ajudado você no seu trabalho.

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Really great. Thx for sharing !!

I've used many of Your assets in my game. (

Hey Luiz, just wanted to thank you for these assets :). I used them in my game with credits to you:

Wonderful! nice work.

you make the best as well as COMPLETE assets! thanks man! you rock

Thank you very much!<3

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