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We made with a friend a 2d pixel art adventure game using this sprite and these animations.. It really served us well and looks great. Many thanks to the author.

You create such amazing characters! I commented on some of the other characters that I used for a music video including this king. Thank you so much :D

Very nice work!

All thanks to your characters! Thank you <3



Are we likely to see a princess and a queen in their next pack? It would be nice if it came :7

hi can i use these assets in my free android game?

The sway of the cape in the idle animation is weird and it moves too much.

Gostei do seu trabalho. Faz personagens por encomenda?

Muito obrigado! atualmente não tetou fazendo por encomenda.

Uma pena. Mas obrigado mesmo assim por sua resposta :)

Bueno :) Can you make a princess and queen like this?!

Of course, I'm working on several future packs, and queen is in the plans :)

eu gosto do seu trabalho.. :)

Muito obrigado! <3