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Whoa, he looks really good

Wonderful sprite, a semi simple pixel art that is quite detailed still and has a comprehensive amount of animations! I've tried a good amount of your knight-like sprites and this is the best for general platformer esque games, and your style meshes up with my intended style quite nicely. It's allowed me to make my own protagonist with editing and additions, while still retaining the good look you standardized. 

  I'm even starting to use some of your enemy sprites and a large list of yours to keep in the style  if you're at all interested in seeing their evolvution I would be happy to share. Thank you, keep up the great work!

Thank you! I am very happy that you liked my art, it will be wonderful to see the evolution of your project.

Could you make a princess in this animation style next? I need it. She needs to walk and jump, blow a kiss!

could you do a skeleton and goblin like this art style?

I have plans to make some characters like that

Looks great Luiz. Well done.

Thank you so much!