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I love this piece, are you planning on adding more soon? Also do you take commissions?

Yes, i'm coming up with several ideas, information about commission in this email:

Great work LuizMelo! is there a possibility you might make a dodge/roll animation for this character ? 


Thanks, yes i am planning to update.

hey do you want to make a game together?

hi, at the moment i am not entering new projects, thanks.

Hi. Use it in my entry for Rigid Jam - 1 hour jam


Can I use this?

Yes, you can use them in commercial and non-commercial projects.

Thanks, I love this character design

Thank you, I hope you enjoy.

I love this design, its so cool. Nice work

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

This character is wonderful, like a future soldier, thanks!!! I give you 5/5 stars!!!

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Great work.