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I seem to have some issues with the  Attack3 animation. there seems to be noise compared to the other animations. Both sprites here have the same settings, one from attack3 and the other from idle.


Transition from one animation to another (eg. from attack to idle) is non-existent. Please fix that because it makes this sprite pointless.

I need a Boss with different Attack Animations like this style. Are you interested for this job ?

You can contact me by

I have to commend you on your work it's so well done. Most of my enemies in my game projects are coming from your resources. Will definitely be putting your name and link as a reference and give you all the credits.

is it possible for me  to buy this using crypto? btc,litecoin whatever..

wow i love him! he looks a bit like the champion "Thresh" from league of legends. hes one of my favorite champs.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked.

I like your design. It looks amazing!

Within the context of legacy/pixel art styles, would this be considered a 16x16 base sprite or 32x32? I can't quite tell.

I think it would be closer to 32x32.

Nice work!


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Can you make a viking with blond hair in this style? It would work so well for me and my game. I am talking about a viking warrior with shield and axe.