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I just bought this pack today, and it's really great. :)

FYI - I noticed that Character 4's second attack sprite sheet appears to be the same as the first attack sprite sheet.


I'm glad you liked my art.

The Character 4's attack2 animation sprite is already fixed. Thank you so much for the information.


Hi bro, I really like all the pixel character packs you created and I want to use them for my game. But they are lacking the block animation (guarding against enemy attacks) and a combo/special attack animation. Is there any possibility that you can add these animations? Thanks, bro.

I'm also awaiting for these animations xD

awesome... thanks for share and will credit u.

Thank you so much for the support.

Holy s#@&... It's awesome

Are you from Brazil?


Thanks, yes I'm from Brazil


Então posso falar em português mesmo hehe

Bem daora esses sprites... Pixel art é louco demais


Nao prestei atenção no seu nome haha, valeu mano.