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I'd love to be able to buy char 3 separately as the others I have no need for

Are the animations separate? (not spritesheet) Because it is more complicated to cut the sprites in the unity in spritesheet and adjust the pivots.

Your design is really cool!!

hey Luiz, do you by any chance sell the Fire mob alone? I have no need for the rest, and 15 is a little much off budget for assets

friend went up in price? , I was just interested in buying them for a school project

This is the original price, the project was on sale for a certain period like Black Friday 2020 for 60% off, I intend to include it in other sales in the future.

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Water Earth  Fire Air


Are these sprites made with a 16x16 basis or 32x32?


Are larger, maximum 81x81.


What are the resolutions for these sprites?


Character1 67x67px, character2  81x81px,  character3  52x52px, character4 52x52px.