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hey there, I used your asset as a final boss for my game

Made this account only to be able to comment on how GOOD THIS IS TY FOR HAVING IT OPEN SORCE <3

Hey, I used this guy as an NPC in my game:

Thx for the assets!

Thank you  for uploading such good stuff.

That's one really amazing asset. I recoloured it heavily and used it for a lich in my game.


awesome asset I would like use for my first game but stock how to use it correctly=)

i cutted the sheets and it gives me 250x250 px images. But the wizard it self on this images is in range of when I load in py games, I have collision way before the wizard touch an obstacle because it gives me a rectangle of 250x250. 

I can't find the answers on google how this is solved to become the  rectangle only on the wizard and not the full transparent png?

Thank you for creating awesome assets!

I used this wizard as one of the bosses in my first Unity game that’s now on the iOS AppStore. I’ve given credit to all the artists whose assets were used on my instagram page here:

also, tagged your ig account :)

Hi, I recently published my game Light Keeper 2, which uses your asset, check it out.

Hello , I am new to programing and have question , in what do you code, I mean JavaScript ,python or smthing else

I used the Construct 2 engine, I think it uses Java or Html, something like that.

thanks boiiiiii good job :)

Do you know a program that lets me divide every frame of the sprite in different pngs?


Hey, that is nice art! Could you also make environmental art for those? Like backgrounds and objects.

Sorry, meant to pay you more than just $2. I'll be buying more from you most definitely. Got the Martial Hero and looks so good!

Thanks for the support!

I would like to inform you about my personal projects that includes this art of yours.

Here is the link of the project,  feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

Thank you!

you are so kind to give us this forgiving terms , btw you are so talented !

Hola puedo usar este mago en un juego que publicare en esta plataforma?

Hi, can i modify these sprites to use in a comercial game?


Yes! 👍

Valeu cara! certamente vou colocar os créditos e etc. (vi agora que é BR)

Tamo junto mano!


Thank you for this asset man! I've used this in my game and this wizard is actually the final boss! I've made sure to credit you in it.

Hey Luiz! Would you be interested in doing commission work? 


Hi, I'm not making commissions at the moment.

Well hey, I appreciate the response! 

What is the right way to slice up the multiple images? I am getting wonky results 



Very nice!

Deleted post

Personagem top mano



your work really awesome
I've spent entire day trying to make stickman and i got nothing

Thank you!

Great Job, bro. Do you do 3d vector art as well (Blender, Maya)? I love your pixel art and I feel like your style would be great in 3d. 

Thanks! I love 3D, but for now I focus on 2D pixel art.

You are best pixel art designer in entire website! I always check your work first, do you have a patreon account? I really want to get great assets with a subscription and support you.

Thank you so much! I already thought about doing a Patreon but I'm focused on other projects at the moment, but I don't rule out doing it in the future.

Nice job! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks ! I'm glad you liked it.