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I bought it some months ago, only two questions: 
do you have aseprite file of this character??? 
do you have plans to add some animations more like wall climb and ledge climb?


Hi, the aseprite file is not included in the pack. Additional animations for Dark Knight 2 only by commission but currently not available due to high demand, Thank you!

Hi, I see that there is a crouch and a crouch attack animation that aren't listed on this page. Will there be a crouch walk animation to tie that together? Would love a crouch walk for a stealth mechanic I'm working on.

Hi, I was wondering if you make some personnalise character and animation ?

Can you enter in contact

Hi, You can contact me at

You have some of the best assets, thanks so much for your work. I got 2 of your bundles today and can't wait to incorporate them into my first game!

This is very nice. Is there any way to get in touch with you for additional work?

Thanks! you can contact my email:

Excellent, thank you. I'll get in touch there 👍🏼

It's so cool, I like it

Is aseprite file included?

Could I hire you for a custom character in this style?

muito bom seu trabalho!

Great asset! What is your target frame rate when designing these?

Great pack! But I miss a running attack animation to avoid lossing momentum when running. 

like it!

Can you add a lot more animations please? Would be really cool!

Fantástico trabajo, ¡enhorabuena! Es una pena que no esté incluida la animación de subir/bajar escaleras. Mi opinión es que es muy importante para cualquier personaje, pero casi nunca se incluye. Lástima :(

Esta es una gran sugerencia. Tengo la intención de incluir estas animaciones en el pack. 

Genial, eso sería fantástico. Lo compraré cuando esté incluida. ¡Gracias! :)

This guy is great.  I want to make a metroidvania game someday and I'm on the lookout.

Pinta brutal. No tendrás un pack completo con todo lo que tengas de metroidvania?